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Fahling For Fabulous - Flora Body Care Scrub Review


"I use Flora Body Care's Vanilla + Coconut Body Scrub 2x a week, & it does wonders. The results are immediate, my skin feels SO soft & hydrated, & I feel like my body is glowing when I get out of the shower/bath." - Fahling For Fabulous

"Not only is it the best smelling product I use in the bath but it gently exfoliates my skin without the use of micro-beads! It contains aloe vera, vitamin-E and a generous amount organic coconut oil, so my skin feels amazingly hydrated after use. Best part, it smells like the best kind of dessert!"Northern Style Exposure
Pucker Up Style"Since using this scrub our skin has been smoother than ever. It feels so hydrated and healthy. It is so important to take the time to care for your body and scrubbing is definitely one of those important things to do. I am a busy mom of two little ones and prefer to do my scrubs at night after they are in bed and I have to admit that it has quickly become my favorite time of day. It is so relaxing and there just aren't words to explain how good my skin feels when I am done." - Pucker Up Style



 "I need to say that this review is literally SO positive it’s gonna look like I’ve made it up, but seriously I just love it that much! So… the product. Firstly, the smell – it literally smells like the inside of a biscuit tin and it’s just the scrummiest scent in the history of scrummy scents. It’s super easy to use just like any other scrub – it suggests you put it on and leave it for 5-10 minutes but I don’t have time for that, 3 minutes worked fine for me!" - Phases of Robyn

 "The Vanilla Coconut scrub is such a treat to use, it smells absolutely divine and feels wonderful going on. Some sugar scrubs can be too gentle and some can be way too harsh, Flora's version has just enough coarse particles in it to really scrub away all of the dead skin but they are small enough that it doesn't hurt. The scrub looks and feels like it has been super finely milled and that is something I haven't seen in a scrub before. Most scrubs I have used in the past have been made up of chunky coarse pieces that really eat away at your skin. I never knew how much I needed a finer scrub until I tried this one." - La Belle Sirene









Flora Body Care Review - Holly Loves The Simple Things"My skin is feeling much softer and it has been great for the KP on my arms. I have really sensitive skin and if you read my blog frequently then you'll know I'm a big fan of scrubs for keeping my skin clean and clear."  - Holly Loves The Simple Things





 "I came across Flora Body Care scrolling through Instagram one day and just haddd to try their body scrub! Not only is it vegan and cruelty free but this one is coffee scented! AH! Let me tell you I was NOT disappointed! After a long bath I applied the scrub and waited about 5 minutes before rinsing it off and my skin legit felt like butter and smelled like coffee! Can you say perfection?? Love it! I am totally gonna have to try the Vanilla + Coconut scrub next!" - Glitter Where She Goes

Zencity Blog - Flora Body Care Review

"I use my Flora Body Care scrub in part of my routine for getting ready to attend an event. The all-natural ingredients make it safe, and encouraged, to use it literally everywhere on your body. I exfoliate myself from my face to my feet and am always left with a glow."Zencity Blog

Emma Louise May - Flora Body Care Review"Since using the Flora Body Care scrub my skin has felt smooth and super soft to touch, it is also hands down the best exfoliator before tanning while also keeping with any problem areas. My skin feels super hydrated and healthy once I use this scrub and I love the results from using it. Another plus is that it smells incredible and my bathroom is left smelling exactly like Vanilla & Coconut."- EmmaLouiseMay

"Do you ever just want to come home, draw a bath and relax? Oh, like ALL the time? Yeah, us too. That's why we LOVE Flora Body Care and their natural body scrubs so much. They are a really fabulous way to treat yourself and your skin and make you feel like a million bucks. When you combine all natural ingredients and a company with heart, you know you have a winning combination." - Get Matte

Flora Body Care Natural Body Scrubs

"You all know I'm a fan of natural and eco-friendly products so I was excited to try them out. I used their coffee hazelnut scrub  to hydrate and protect my skin. I love how it gently exfoliates and leaves my skin so soft. If your a coffee lover you might have a difficult time not wanting to eat a handful. This stuff smells SO good! " - A Sparkling Sticky Style